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Why Choose Us

We believe in unforgettable experiences. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Reliable Service

    Every decision we make while doing a repair is with the customer’s best interest at heart. We have an honest, professional, and friendly staff. Overall, customers have a positive experience when coming to OTSCR, but don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews on Yelp!

  • Fast Repair Times

    Our average repair time is 2-3 business days or less (without parts). It can take up to two weeks at other shops just to get your computer looked at. We understand how important your computer is to you, and that is why we work efficiently to get your repair done in a timely manner.

  • Community

    We are a locally owned and operated computer repair business. We don’t look at our customers as numbers on a database like the bigger companies in this area. We live in the community and strive to always provide quality service. Our primary focus is to serve our community of Cambridge as well as the surrounding areas.

  • Affordable Repairs

    We stand by our motto: Why pay more than your computer’s worth to get your computer to work? We strive to offer the best repair prices that are both fair and affordable.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about us!

I went to OTSCR becuase i have gaming desktop i was attempting to build myself. Being that it is my first build , i needed help and David finished the build the next day after i dropped it off 15 minutes after closing time. All the led lights , cable management and parts fit perfectl  ! I couldnt be happier with his work. I would highly recommend this place !! The price is also fair and competitive.

David is very knowledgeable and can answer any question you have! Dont hesitate to call or drop by.


Found these guys online after reading all the terrible reviews Microcenter had received regarding computer repair.  Decided to go with a small business instead.

Dave diagnosed the problem with my PC (custom built desktop) within 24 hours (MB had fried) and called me with a cost efficient solution the next day, with modest labor prices.  Dave also priced out a full rig upgrade to me, which I was considering as an alternative to replacing the current PC.  Despite my eagerness to upgrade, I asked Dave his opinion on if he thought a full upgrade was necessary at this time as I had a decent built.  Dave told me that it wasn’t, and that I could maximize my current PC’s use and upgrade in a year or so.  This show’s that Dave is an honest businessman as he could have easily sold me on the new build.

When I went to pick up my PC, it was in better condition than the day it had been built.  Dave had neatly re-wired the whole unit and tied up any unused wires.  I could tell that Dave treated my PC like it was his own.  He plugged the PC in and gave me a walk-through of all the changes he made.

I highly recommend OTS.  Dave is very passionate, honest, and trustworthy.  He conducts a legitimate business and I will for sure be going back to Dave when I decide to build a new PC.


This is a top notch shop and I cannot imagine receiving better service from anyone else.  I had purchased parts and was attempting to assemble my first PC.  Naturally I did a poor job with the wiring and had the processor overheating within minutes of the initial boot up.  I shopped around for a couple days before deciding to trust David and OTSCR with fixing my issues.  Not only did David fix the issues, he cleaned up all of the wiring and reinstalled the OS, Drivers, etc. so that my system was 100% good to go by the time It was back in my control.

David will work with you to ensure your system is up and running the way it should be.  For him, the customer experience and satisfaction comes first, and the money second.  It was a really refreshing experience and I plan to go back to OTSCR for all of my computer needs going forward.  To put it bluntly, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t consider OTSCR for handling your computer needs.  Wish these guys nothing but the best.


These guys are the best! I dropped my laptop and it wouldn’t charge anymore. They not only told me the problem with it immediately, but also helped me find another company that specifically works on that. It took them twenty minutes but they charged me nothing. They are like non-for-profit good. I recommend it to everyone.


Back in my country (Argentina) I was told that my Samsung ultrabook’s trackpad was coming out of place because of a blow, but in OTS confirmed what I thought: it was the battery swelling. They told me from the beginning how much was it going to cost to order it and replace it, no surprises. They were patient, considerate and really nice people! I would trust them with my computer again with my eyes closed. I strongly recommend them.


Hi, this is Jia. They are very good people, and good at repair computers,  they can also come to your home to pick up desktop computers if it is too heavy. I hope they will have more business in the future.


David is a standup guy and does top-notch work. After miscommunication on my part, he awarded me a full refund on the extensive work he performed. Turned out he was right all along and that the Apple Store made a huge error on their technician report. Be assured that David will treat you fairly and honestly on top of prompt, quality service.


They got my data from my laptop without any problems. They also gave me advice on how to resell my old computer. They are very patient, friendly, and genuinely want to help you with your problem. Excellent prices as well!


Great customer service! I engaged owners OTSCR for help with an at home networking issue. Owners David and Iris were very accommodating and came by that same day. They quickly solved the problem.  Super friendly– highly recommend!


Today, I went to David at On The Spot Computer Repairs because I needed some help recovering data from an old hard drive.

I walked in, he listened to my problem, gave me a quote, and told me he would call me when he was done.

He called me back earlier than expected and had all of the work finished.  The price was more than fair, the quality of his work was great, and I will definitely go back.


Stunningly good – and honest – service. I was in Boston/Cambridge on a business trip and discovered that my laptop (Thinkpad X220) screen had shorted out. I found On the Spot Computer Repairs by consulting Yelp, and the excellent reviews convinced me to give them a try. About an hour later, my screen was replaced (they had an exact match in stock!) and good as new. The fee was extremely reasonable, and the communication (they called my cell to provide updates) perfect. Maybe best of all, the people were incredibly friendly, especially to my young son, whom they made feel at home. One of the best consumer experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.


The got data off my broken computer in just a few hours for a very reasonable price.  They’re also honest: I agreed to a higher quote over the phone, but when I got their to pick up my computer, they told me that they’d given me the wrong quote and that I’d owed them about half of what I’d agreed to.  Very impressive.


All I can say is that there isn’t many honest computer repair places left.  I spoke to David at on the spot computer repairs about a Sony that I had that would not start.  He took the time and explained to me my best options in dealing with a Z top of the line computer that also would be a top of the line repair.  Rather then gouge me on repairs (like many computer repair places I had been to) he basically told me options that were more economical and honest.  I sincerely was shocked how honest he was and how easily he could have made more money on me but didn’t.  I would highly recommend anyone that is looking for computer repair with an honest fix and opinion to look at on the spot computer repair.


Gracious people, the Matthewses helped me carry my heavy, old CPU up and down the stairs. When David Matthews listened to my tale of woe, his patience and compassion made me feel that my computer was in good hands. He fixed it sooner that I expected, calling me as soon as it was ready, and even staying well past closing to fine-tune a final request. A family business in the best Cambridge tradition, their professionalism, ability, and grace easily merit Yelp’s highest rating.


Make yourself at home at this Computer “school nurse”. The next best thing to Mom doing computer repairs. Very good advice to cost you As Little As Possible. They will advice buying parts on your own and ONLY charge for LABOR. I would go here & tell the Apple Store about your problem to learn something about your beloved PC or Mac!


I had a desktop computer that I couldn’t get to boot into BIOS, and I tried everything, but the thing seemed like a lost cause.    David did an incredibly speedy job and completely resolved the problem.  Very professional job and great service!


Like many of the other reviewers here, I cannot compliment David’s customer service and courtesy any higher! He is calm, collected, well-spoken, and intelligent. I got the feeling he wasn’t trying to make the most money, he was helping me make the best decision. Kudos to OTSCR.


I am as close to a true Luddite as is possible in Cambridge in the 21st century…no cell phone, no TV, no car, etc…but, I do have a HP laptop. When it developed  “issues” David Matthews addressed them….combining both professionalism and patience…a rare combination, and an appreciated one. He fixed my laptop, explained everything to me, all at a more-than-fair price. I lucked out in finding David…share my good fortune.


My computer, which had been on its last legs for months, broke down for the last time recently and I couldn’t re-start it.  On the Spot was the closest repair place, so I went there after calling (and being reassured by the nice, matter-of-fact manner of the person on the phone).  David managed to extract the data from my fried computer (which he kept for an extra day to see if there was anything else he could do, but it was ancient and its time had come; whereupon, he called and gave me the choice of picking it up or having them recycle it).  I was extremely happy to have all my data, and David was also a good source of information on where to look for a new or refurbished computer at a decent price.

Full disclosure: I later realized I had known his family slightly 24 years ago when we lived on the same street.  This review, though, is based on three things: He was professional, kindly, and took his time to do everything he could — including following up by phone.

Anna Beth

Got virus on my PC laptop, he was quick and affordable.  Very nice guy, I dropped it off Friday afternoon and he was able to find the virus and fix the problem.  I had my computer back by Saturday.  It only cost me $60.

The reason why I gave only 3 stars is because I recently found spyware on the same computer.  So I called him back to see if he could help, but he never returned my call.

I soon found out that the owner was very sick and unable to return my call.  However he did send me an email explaining his situation.  I plan on using him again to fix my computer when he’s feeling better.  So I adjusted my rating to 5 stars which is what I would have given for the first repair.

Thanks David, hope you feel better!!!


David really knows his stuff.  I brought him my zenbook a few months back and he turned it around within 24 hours.  Then, when problems recurred (they ended up being due to the hardware, not a virus), he did another diagnostic visit free-of-charge!  This guy runs his business the way businesses used to be run, with integrity and common sense, and you will be more than satisfied if you do business with him.

Alexander C

It’s always nice to find someone who is honest and reasonable in business.  David is very good at what he does and charges reasonable prices.  Not only will he do the job quickly and well, he also will explain what he did and how to prevent problems in the future.

My computer was running very slowly and seemed to always have something running in the background when I was doing nothing.  He cleaned it up and tuned it for me so it runs much faster.  He also took the time to show me how to keep unwanted (little-used) programs from always running.  He runs his business right – teaching me how to prevent the problems I was having may keep me away from him in the short term, but I know exactly where I’m going with any computer problems in the future.


David is amazing at what he does! He is incredibly professional and explained everything in detail to make sure I understood the services needed to fix my computer. The pricing was more than fair – I HIGHLY recommend ON the Spot Computer Repairs.


On the Spot Computer Repairs is amazing! My computer got a virus and I went here (rather than spending $$$ at Best Buy). David knew exactly what was wrong and had the computer fixed and back to us the next day! It was sort of weird because he works out of his apartment, but he definitely knew what he was talking about. His prices were SO cheap compared to other places and he got the job done quickly! I am so happy to now have a person to go to if I have computer troubles! I am telling everyone about him!


The nice thing about a small operation is the close and immediate attention, speedy delivery, and personal interaction.  David delivers on all of these fronts and is extremely knowledgeable.  I would definitely use his services again.


David was absolutely terrific.

My fairly new self-built computer wouldn’t start at all, I wanted to find out what specifically was wrong, and how to debug such problems in the future.

David was extremely patient, walking me through what he was doing, and soon identified that my motherboard was dead.  By indulging my interest, he certainly had to work slower and spend additional time explaining everything — but he did so anyway.

We discussed in detail my several options (replacing the motherboard, a partial upgrade, buying an entire new computer.)  He was conscientious of my cost concerns, and even searched for the lowest price replacements with me.

I strongly recommend On the Spot Computer Repairs, and would definitely come back in the future.


David was great. I had a similar experience as Tony P., but I just wanted to post another great review for David.

I was having some trouble with my first ever home-built computer and brought it by. David pretty quickly identified my dead motherboard by testing it with a spare power source.

Now my computer is up and running perfectly, and if I ever have any other troubles I’ll definitely head back to On the Spot.


Fast and friendly service. He got to the point and was honest about the problem and solution and really knows his stuff. Let’s just say you will save lots of drama, headaches, money and time versus going to some big chain store. I will go back to him with other computer issues in the future. Highly recommended!


My experience with OTSCR was kinda perfect. I dropped off my laptop (without even calling ahead, which I don’t recommend, but it worked out for me in this case) on a Thursday– it needed its screen replaced. David told me up-front how much it would cost for the labor and approximately how much for the screen. Then he e-mailed me the screen he was buying, made sure it was okay, then got it, replaced it, and had my computer back to me by the following Wednesday. He communicated with me every step of the way and did great work for WAY less than I’d been quoted by the manufacturer or what it would have cost at other repair centers. I highly recommend him! I hope I don’t have to go back and that my computer runs perfectly forever, but if something comes up, I know where I’m headed.


As a small business owner who works from home, I rely heavily on my computer to make a living.  My PC recently caught a virus that wiped everything out, and I had to frantically search for a repair service to get the problem fixed fast. Fortunately I found OTSCR and David was able to help me out right away.  He worked diligently to get all of my files restored and had my computer back to me the very next morning…. and what would have cost me around $600 to $1000 with any other repair service, only cost me $150!
I highly recommend David at OTSCR if you need any computer repair services. He is extremely knowledgeable, he will work quickly to get your computer back up and running, and his rates can’t be matched.


Called On The Spot yesterday to check on the possibility of upgrading the ram memory in my iMac. David guided me in my purchase of the correct memory, and then installed it for me at a reasonable cost. All the time he was teaching me how to do it myself if needed in the future. In the process of testing the new memory, we found one of the new modules was faulty. David figured out which one it was, a key step that enabled me to exchange it back at the computer store for a good one. Since David had taught me how to install it, I did that myself, saving me a trip back to David’s shop, and any more charges. For $30, that is a great value in repair work, and my Mac has never run better.


Awesome. I called up to have an issue with a work computer resolved that everyone else was telling me would need to be shipped out to get diagnosed. Problem was diagnosed, and repaired within minutes, and the pricing  was very reasonable. I was even sold a power supply from the owners personal stock. Would definitely recommend.


I will echo what everyone else has said. David rocks. Woke up one morning and had an error message on my hunk o’junk Dell. Never saw it before but after some research, found it was not an uncommon problem and it was either a fluke or my hard drive was fried. After 3 hrs of diagnostics I had a pretty good idea the hard drive was intact, but didn’t want to hand over my not backed up files (shades of Carrie Bradshaw) to Best Buy so they cd tell me my files were gone. Thanks to all the other positive  reviews for On The Spot, I headed over to meet David. Everything everyone has said is absolutely true. He’s smart, patient and a wealth of info. And he fixed my computer for short money. I spent a long time sitting w/him at the end while he completed my repair and I learned more from him in 2 hrs than I have from anyone else talking computers. He even showed me how to back my files up for free. RU kidding me?! I too have told anyone who’ll listen about him. Can’t recommend him any more highly. I feel confident in stepping out a little further into uncharted tech territory knowing there’s someone nearby who can help if I get into trouble. Thanks, David!


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