Join the On The Spot Computer Repair Family!

Over the years, we have noticed that a majority of our customers become repeat customers. We have become their go-to shop for all their computer related needs. This makes us feel like we’re doing the right thing! Our way of expressing gratitude for being loyal customers is going above and beyond for them. Some of the ways we invest in our loyal customers include remote services, extended shop hours, pick up and delivery, as well as waiving our initial diagnostic fee. There really is no set formula for expressing our appreciation; we just want our customers to continue to be happy.

As a family owned business, we believe in family-like experiences. You are not just a number when you come to OTSCR, you are part of our OTSCR family.

Want a Faster Computer? Upgrade to an SSD

If you’re still using a mechanical drive in your computer, it’s time to upgrade to an SSD – it’s the best upgrade you can give your computer! You will be amazed at the performance improvement of your computer.

SSDs – solid state drives – are exponentially faster than mechanical drives. They are able to operate at faster speeds because they don’t have a spinning magnetic platter and a moving head like a mechanical drive.

SSDs used to be very expensive but they have dramatically dropped down in prices in recent years making it an affordable option for an upgrade.

Not only will your computer boot up much faster with an SSD (up to 20 seconds faster), but loading your programs, opening files, and saving files will also be much faster. Even browsing the web will be that much faster!

If you’re ready to give your computer this must have upgrade, give us a call. OTSCR will help you choose the right SSD for your storage needs and get your computer up to speed. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!


It’s been a long time coming and now we can officially say that OTSCR has a new home!

We are now located at 819B Cambridge Street in Cambridge, MA at the corner of Cambridge Street and Harding Street (right below Al Ponte Insurance Agency in the basement level). Meter parking is available all along Cambridge Street. If you have a Cambridge resident parking sticker, parking is available on side streets like Harding Street and Jefferson Street. The number 69 bus runs along Cambridge Street and stops within a few feet from our location. The closest T stop is Lechmere Train Station (Green line).

We are very excited for this move! After close to five years of operating OTSCR from our home office, we are looking forward to this new experience. Please make sure to visit us at our new location!


David & Iris

Happy New Year/2016 Winter Hours

UPDATE: Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12 PM – 6 PM and Wednesday, Friday 12 PM – 5 PM as of March 2016.

Happy New Year from our OTSCR family to yours!

Please be advised that we have new winter business hours. Our new business hours are Tuesday through Friday 12 PM – 6 PM. We are closed Monday, Saturday, Sunday, and all US national holidays.

If ever in doubt, simply call us before heading in to confirm business hours. We look forward to serving your computer needs in this new year!



Custom Build Computer - Gaming Machine

Why You Should Get a Custom Build Computer!

You may be asking yourself: what is a custom build computer and why should I get one? Isn’t it easier to just buy a computer in store or order one online? You’re right – it is easier to buy a computer that is already built (mass manufactured) but the benefits of getting a computer custom built trump buying a mass manufactured computer from a store or online.

A custom build computer is a computer that is not mass manufactured. All parts needed to build the computer are purchased based on your needs and budget. A custom build computer is built specifically for you and your needs!

So why should you get a custom build computer? Because you build it yourself with the parts that you want. Mass manufactured computers (like Dell, HP, Gateway, just to name a few) have components that limit upgrade capabilities or make it difficult to replace defective hardware. Another thing many users may not be aware with mass manufactured computers is that two of the same exact model can actually have different parts. This is due to the suppliers manufacturers use and availability of parts when machines are being built.

A custom build computer gives you the ability to upgrade components in your machine at any time and makes it more affordable and efficient to maintain in the long run. You get to pick your own components that best match the computer build you desire. Some mass manufactured computers do let you customize parts but you are limited to their selection of parts. With a custom build, you are not limited as you are in full control of what parts you want in your custom build at all times.

At OTSCR, we can build your dream machine! Whether you know exactly what parts you want or have no idea how to get started, we are here to help. To learn more about our custom build service, please visit our custom build page for more information.

Best Anti Virus Software - Bit Defender

Best Antivirus Protection: Bitdefender

One of the main things computer users are concerned about is antivirus protection and whether their protection is useful and doing its job. Most of the time, even with an antivirus program installed, people come into our shop with serious virus and malware infections making their computers barely useable.

We tell all our customers: if it’s free, you are not fully protected! Yes, a free antivirus program sounds great and it does protect you, barely. It is the most basic protection you can get and you are still vulnerable to threats when searching the internet. There are tons of antivirus protection programs out there and it can be quite overwhelming to select one that’s right for you.

Based on our experiences, both from personal computer use and repairing computers for a living, we have come to the conclusion that Bitdefender is the best antivirus protection out there. No other antivirus program can compare.  We install a trial version on every computer before it leaves our shop so that 1. the customer is protected when leaving our shop and 2. the customer can try Bitdefender free for 30 days before purchasing it. Truth be told, we have never seen a computer come in with a virus or malware infection that uses BitDefender as its antivirus protection, and our lead technician David has never gotten a virus within the last 7 years of using Bitdefender.

Here are some of the highlights of Bitdefender:

  • Slick desktop widget
  • Solid interface
  • Secure browser for online shopping and banking
  • Rescue mode boot partition
  • Top-notch malware detection
  • Low maintenance

To read full reviews about Bitdefender, click on the links below (Reviews from PC Magazine, Tom’s Guide, and PC World).

Review from PC Magazine

Review from PC World

Review from Tom’s Guide


5 Helpful Tips for Getting Your Computer Repaired

5 Helpful Tips for Getting Your Computer Repaired

People bring in all types of computer problems to us at OTSCR – we see it all! We try our best to fix everyone’s issues to the best of our abilities. If anything is beyond our scope or our technicians do not feel comfortable doing a repair, we will tell you upfront. That’s one of the qualities that people love about us – how honest we are.

After four years of being in business, we have learned a great deal about customer satisfaction. Here are some tips to make your computer repair experience at OTSCR a great one!

  1. Be honest with us.

    There is a reason why we ask if there is any type of liquid damage to your computer as it completely changes how to proceed with the repair. If you lie about it, our technicians will soon figure it out after opening up your computer. Let’s save us all the headache and time by being honest with each other so that your repair can be completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

  2. Read the contract.

    We tell you what’s on it but please read it or at least skim through it. We have repair terms for a reason and they are all straightforward. We tell you in person the most important ones like making sure all your data is backed up before repair, and that you will need to re-install any programs if we have to refresh your computer. We just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

  3. We do not recommend buying parts on your own.

    If your repair involves replacing parts, we advice against buying them on your own. Many people come in and say “Hey, I saw that part on Ebay for $20, can I order it and bring it in?” and our response is generally no. The reason for this is you never know the authenticity of the part, and if the part is compatible with your computer. It is risky to buy parts on sites like Ebay and Amazon. These sites are known to sell imitation products that are produced in large quantities in foreign countries. We use resellers who work with repair shops like us to get parts that are authentic and that will work with your computer.

  4. Respond in a timely manner.

    We will call or email you to communicate repair updates, any issues we may encounter with repair, and when repair is completed/ready for pick up. It’s important that you verify that the contact information you provided to us is correct so we can communicate with you. Please respond to our communications in a timely manner especially if we need to hear back from you before proceeding with a repair. Not getting back to us in a timely manner will delay your repair.

  5. Be aware of our business hours.

    Our hours are posted online, written in our emails, and mentioned in our voice mail. From time to time, we may switch up our business hours according to the season. If we are going to be closed for any reason, we will let you know beforehand and it will be posted on our website.

Web Design and Development Cambridge, MA - Camayah Studio

Website Designs by Camayah Studio (Cambridge, MA)

We have heard a great deal of compliments about our website and how modern it looks. We love to hear this type of feedback as we have worked hard in re-designing our site at least three times in the past two years to achieve the look that we currently have.

Not only do we repair laptops and desktops, we also do website design and development here in Cambridge, MA. David is our head designer with over four years of experience and many projects under his belt. His design skills have only gotten better throughout the years and he enjoys creating sites when he’s not busy repairing computers.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a web site, please visit our web design site: to view some our latest projects and get more information on how to get started.

Data Backup Services - Cambridge, MA

Online Backup Services

The traditional way of backing up data to an external hard drive is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Don’t get us wrong: it is still an option for data backup, but there are other ways to backup your data that are safer. An increasingly popular way to backup your data is to use an online backup service that saves your data on servers in this thing called the cloud. What is the cloud anyways? The cloud in its simplest form is another word for the Internet, a network of servers. When it comes to storing data on the cloud, it is referring to storing data on online servers.

Online backup services are a convenient and great way to automate your backups and keep your data safe. There are already dozens of online backup services out there so it’s best to do your research and read reviews to choose an online backup service that best meets your needs. Important things to look at when deciding what online backup service is best for you are: price, amount of storage it allows, operating systems it supports, file sharing, syncing options, and mobile access availability.

Here are the online backup services we recommend at OTSCR:

  1. Carbonite
  2. Backblaze
  3. Drop Box
  4. Box
Happy Holidays from On The Spot Computer Repairs

Happy Holidays

OTSCR wants to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season. A very special thank you to all our new customers, our repeat customers who come back to us, and our customers who recommend us to their friends and families, we greatly appreciate it! Thank you for choosing us and trusting us with your computer issues.

We will be taking our annual two weeks break for the holiday season. We will be closed starting Monday, December 22, 2014 through Friday, January 2, 2015. We will resume business on Monday, January 5, 2015. Happy holidays!